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Banana Skin ‘Pulled Pork’



80 g Banana Peel

40 g Onion chopped

40 g Tomato Puree

10 g Mustard

10 g Soy Sauce

10 g Vegetable Oil

5 g Garlic minced

2 g Paprika

1 g Cumin Seed ground

500 g Water


Prep Method

1. Cut off the top and bottom end of the banana peel. Cut the banana peel in four parts, then cut it into fine slices along the fibres – this will create the ‘pulled pork’ effect.

2. Sautee chopped onion and banana peels in a pan with a touch of vegetable oil, and add paprika, ground cumin and minced garlic. Mix well and add the rest of the ingredients. Cook on medium heat in a pan with a lid on until you get a thick sauce with cooked banana peels (30-40 minutes).

3. Use in a same way as you would use pulled pork.


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